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It is not genetic, and it depends on the persons natural ability to feel/ synchronise with the energy type and become familiar enough with it that they can produce their own from the Ether. Oh! Caster is Combustial, Given is Earth and rock Theyre part of a task force to reweave the knots. This has been extremely helpful! You should ensure that the conflict and resolutions in your story arent as fickle as the magic. Do you have any feedback or glaring flaws that you noticed? However, the authors seemed to specifically distinguish between rational and hard magic. There are pros and cons. In The Locked Tomb trilogy by Tamsyn Muir, using magic exhausts necromancers, and causes some of them to bleed. Some well-known examples of hard magic systems: In Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa, magic is like chemistry. None of those energies could be stored by characters themselves, so they can only use energies from environment. If anyone wants more detail and is interested to see the actual magic just comment and feel free to critique. Fire born and living in constant motion, generating heat that is eventually extinguished, restoring the balance. Apoglies if it comes off as confusing, Im not very good at conveying my thoughts and ideas, will explain in greater detail later. And if you use an elemental magic system be creative, inform yourself what elements are overused already. However, if theyre asymmetric, I think its important to establish why. Before learning magic, a mage must first learn how to control their mana until they are capable of creating energy bolts and forming energy constructs. Fireball that damages a characters weapons/armor, while leaving the character unharmed. Forms of magic include water magic, healing magic, potion making, and purification. If the mage could deal great damage, at the same time protect themselves, and had no limit in the form of mana, either, why have any other party members at all? Im currently working on subtypes to it but I am miserably failing. Follow her work on or on Twitter at @hannahxyang. Then you would have to decide whether someone can use all elements that way or just one (as everyone safe for the Avatar in the series). In fact, they are drawing on residual energy left behind when a spirit interacts with the human world. You can use our ProWritingAid Sensory Report to make sure youre including sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell in your magic system. But you can use pretty much anything you wish, whether it's a magic absorbing rock, special water or perhaps a type of wood. These expeditions have all been disaster, as the concentration of Ghoul (better then Specters at least) is much higher in those areas. But the Mother eventually grows tired of such a long and drawn-out abuse of the balance, with the plants greedily hoarding the sunlight for themselves each day; in autumn she begins to draw water out of the plants, more than just the droplets that form on leaves in the morning. Caster is Eco, Given controls animals, which is basically mind control. Do you guys have questions? Varren slumped into his chair, a curse leaving his lips as he had forgotten to blow out the torch in the hallway. Id love to hear more about what the magic can do. Vibrations function is fundamentally the same as electric signals in the brain, in that there are millions upon millions of different signals being sent and working together to achieve something, even something as simple as moving your arm. Last, heres a fun chart showing the details of magic systems in the most popular works. All are well known for changing things theyre associated with into other things or even changing other women into one of them, so that can be fun. Which is why you need to attach a heavy price. Being able to gain power is generally an often picked choice for story telling, first the hero is unable to defeat the villain, but after training or some other form of power gain the hero becomes stronger than the villain. Because people tend to be put off when your story changes rules in the middle. Either way, the recipients of the power lose whatever memories gained before or during their stay at the Towers. There are plenty of sources you can use, like bodily energies, energies in the air, power bestowed by the gods, powers within blood, pools of magic in the world, a worldwide life force, magical artifacts and so on. Who knows! If I were you, I would make sure every complication you have is something thats important to you. Human variation in magical ability is determined by how much excess soul they have, after running all of their brain activity. These small but significant changes in their functionality causes untold chaos; billions die and the climate is thrown off by the massive amount of metal particulates now in the upper atmosphere. Hard magic systems feature a strict set of parameters explained within the story to ensure that readers understand what characters fantastical powers can and cannot do. Wavelength: Determines how strong the affect it has If every spell casts creates a knot that must result in the opposite effect happening then the incentive to kill becomes too great. Furthermore, it is meant to be mysterious in-story and something that not everyone has. But in the real world, moving out of the way would be easier; since spells have straight paths when cast, why use magic when theres an easier non-magic method of avoiding harm? The most well known curse is the Demons Mark. 9. Group A (Comment if you have a better name), They cant stop their emotion from changing surfacing and tend to be extra emotional. I guess its similar in its outward effects to the Avatar magic system, but youll see that its actually quite different. However, we can only identify that its missing because the system is logically consistent as a whole, even if it isnt perfect in every depiction. In a world where the entire population can wield magic you might not have this conflict, not unless some are worse at wielding magic than others. On the other hand, there could be a group of people allergic to the plant. Common People (Theyre so common that they dont really have a name.) How to Create a Rational Magic System - Mythcreants Your different factions have magic that feels very different, and thats hard to put into a rational system. Youll need to set guidelines for how these beings operate so that you can explain why they do or dont answer prayers whenever theyre asked. As we dont seem to be focusing on that aspect much, however, I wont try to continue arguments about that part. In Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson, magicians owe a demon years of their life in exchange for magic. Remember that specific effects are better than broad effects. Yes, its arbitrary which items have magical powers (though many plants have historically been said to have magical powers and Rowling obviously researched these). how would you define the users magical abilities)? Usually, magic comes from magic users, the gods, magical creatures, or a specific substance. Everything in Tolkiens world is carefully designed to avoid being preachy; but most of it also has a carefully thought out moral and spiritual basis, and certain elements (like whether orcs have free will, and are therefore capable of redemption, and the implications of what that means in terms of how the good characters treat them and the conflict with the literary need for a clearly identifiable group of bad guys) troubled him to the end of his life and which he was never able to resolve to his own satisfaction. As such, a being of the Physical Plane cannot exist in a Higher Plane, as their Consiousness isnt on a high enough leven to be able to sustain itself, you wouldnt even be able to think of yourself as an actual being, and so you just, cease to exists. Hey everyone! I love your idea Madden, however if i may point out one significant flaw that you will very quickly need to address. Reversing entropy would be a matter of gestures as well as speeding it up. Witches and wizards need to learn each spell individually and practice speaking their enchantments in exactly the right way in order to achieve the intended results. Precursor aliens might do the job if they had certain motivations (such as wanting to set up a certain situation to see how it develops), but this raises questions of how such a large group made of many different individuals could all stay hidden for such a long time. It takes many years to master. There are a few online articles about this: the ones I remember off the top of my head are Universal Fire and Universal Law, found on LessWrong. Im working on a story that has 3 magic systems. Aside from this, the only other limitation a mage has in magic is their stamina. If you could, they probably wouldnt tell the students at Hogwarts. moving more slowly, using other abilities less effectively, taking more hits), and the hero tries and fails to use the ability when theyre already at their limit, then we come to understand exhaustion as a real limitation that doesnt just go away as needed. Thank you Cay, for making me think more about what i want my theme to be. Heres how this system might break down: A long list of constraints will make it much easier to craft conflicts in your story. Hello to anybody that sees this. Entire body effects:: These are some questions you should ask when you brainstorm. Magic wielders might be shunned for being different, perhaps even dangerous, or they could be praised for their abilities. Another limitation is that you have to touch whatever youre casting a spell on, e.g. If travelling to the tower of the Dark Mage takes three weeks on horseback, there should be a good reason if you tell the reader the way back only took a couple of hours. Rituals are easy to execute, but can be dangerous. Angels are not incapable of doing bad things and demons can be nice every now and then. However, even if we have energy available, there is still always the problem of directing it. Im going to flatly say your premise about the HARRY POTTER magic system. Generally that means their strengths and weaknesses will be roughly equivalent. In Game of Thrones, the red woman throws leaches into a fire, and later several lords die far away. However, a few benders can bend their element when its in a different form or less pure. Stuff falls down, not up, for instance. (As a side note, I mentioned teleportation because it would help get the various alien species in my universe together quickly so there could be stories based on interaction between them. Light It isnt a common thing among people of this world, but it is an esoteric art comprised of ancient secrets passed down through generations within a tribe of acolytes. Does the use of power exact a particular cost? The differences come into play when various factions go to war. One of the most common elements in these books is a magic system. Worldbuilding sheet: Magic systems - v2 - DeviantArt Otherwise, the humans world will fall apart. Yeah, I think your fabric metaphor works great. However, understanding how magic can operate in fiction is key to ensuring that your magic system serves your story rather than undermines it. Then use the answer to characterize all of your nature spirits. How much of it might people attribute to the magic, and how much might they attribute to simply becoming blas in the face of so much death? Forms of Sky magic include air magic, lightning magic, and weather magic. Spectres might do for those who are consumed and become ghosts connected to that energy. For example, if your characters can telekinetically control objects, your story will be more interesting if each character can only control a specific type of object, rather than being able to control anything they want. With so many spec fic books, its not unusual to have such coincidences. P.S. In real history governments & monarchies & over influential groups typically only become so due to Power, which they get from either, Food, Armies, Technology or Money (and usually one of those can help get you any of the others)- but in a fantasy world Magic would be on that list (the extent of which would depend on its abilities but regardless a group of Mages would without a doubt. What fuels the use of magic? Check out the Magic Generator Pack . To avoid adding a sense of arbitrariness, your choice of categories must feel natural. Its really creative and for the most part completely logical (and since the people in the story are acolytes, there is no scientific explanation needed since it all seems to fit within your model). Magic types: Some plants and animals have magic inherently inside them, creating a variety of results. All of the Aether and Souls stem from the Sephirot, and at the same time are all one and the same. If one were to observe the Vibrations and the way they Flow(this is another process, different from the other Four Laws) it would seem whacky, but they are extremely intricate and complex. Its a generic job title for people whose main concern is to maintain relationships with local spirits and practice holy magic so they can pacify demons. Some get better with time, some get worse. Im using the elements as chemical states and even nature transforms between them (ice to water, water to steam, or the other way around for water). These properties can give limitations but also make some stronger. Sorry, Im not quite understand this Could you please describe some spell example with such system? But to elaborate a bit further The name Grey Death was inspired by the Bubonic Plague pandemic of the 1300s, known as the Black Death because, lets face it, thats a kickass name! Olwens father told Kilhwch he wanted that comb, razor and scissors to dress his beard with on the day of the wedding, before he would allow him to marry his daughter. ie: Water beats Fire, but MY level 5 Fireball beats YOUR level 3 Ice Wall. Weak to medium Hydro, very rare chance of getting weak Eco as well, Learns magic more easily than other races. For Light and Darkness, Shade will be their name. Im sure there are phenomena of nature that are plot holes in this magic system. Dont expect to put out a perfect draft, having to do revisions or rewrites is disappointing, but its a normal part of the process that helps us strengthen our skills. What effect does the use of magic have on the user? A damned if you do, damned if you dont scenario. Heat Offensive like elemental magic and short time manipulation magic etc. Your success depends on your knowledge of the gods, your relationship with the god, and your ability to make an appeal. The plants begin to die, and in dying change color and surrender the rest of their water to Mother. If you want spells, you shouldnt work with elements, but work on the premise that magic is real and a power like light or sound which can be guided with the voice. Here, you would have to add something else, perhaps a boost a telepath receives (again, remember the unused potential of muscles, if you want to), which allows for them to reach out and tap into another brain. Accio and depulso, for example, are taught one-after-another: pretty straightforward. Ive used term spell in a broad sense, I mean just an example of what you can do with such system So, basically, you mean just the same system as in Avatar (roughly, just moving the substances physically) plus transformations between substances (earth to water to air to fire and so on)? The farther an individual cause the needle to drift towards imbalance, the more force shall be exerted on that individual until the balance is restored through redistribution. Cant help but feel its lacking in creativity and complexity, but thats for another day. Making sense in case of magic means being constant. 6 Key Questions To Ask When Creating A Magic System A cunning ex-adventurer named Wlfrilda seeks a company of adventurers to explore the Pikawas Jungle. There are 391 different powers and variations in this generator, so you're bound to find one you like. And those explanations would make sense within the storys universe and would always be true. This is what making sense means when it comes to magic. Once youve figured out what kind of system you need, its time to start building! Spellcasters cant blow up planets, because obviously that would take too much energy. Im going for rational semi-soft I hope I pull it off. Magic certain individuals acquire the ability to issue new instructions to existing nanites, whether in the environment or within others bodies. Practitioners are all female. Paint can depend on someones mental state and will Maybe its impossible, and I dont know, although Ive tried to figure out. Prime / Mana worked a little differently, in that each rune slot had a certain number of Mana-Points that could be applied, up to a value equal to the Players skill/level. Someone else is needed. In the Norse pantheon, Loki is sometimes also referred to as the god of fire despite the fact that hes a frost giant. However, they are actually Ancient Greek classifications and not modern science-based, so they arent really natural. Emotion-based powers arent impossible, just easy to do in a way thats ultimately unsatisfying. There is a certain logic to the magic in Harry Potter, too, but its never completely explained, because the magic only serves the purposes of the story. Just a drop in, but your explanation of the plant use in relation to magic should be credited to Robin McKinleys use of it in the Hero and the Crown when the MC eats the Surka plant.. it almost seems like this is your reference base. The thing is, I believe that what seems natural in these cases can depend on culture and perhaps even species. Wizards arent included in this; as far as we know, you cant just simmer a wizard in a pot for a few days and end up with a magic potion. Also I think the name Grey Death is cool, especially if theres some in world reason? There are two types of people in this world, Conduits and Interferers (though Inteferers prefer to be called Whisperers). Maybe there are a few things that the sorcerer cant do, but basically its just whatever they want to happen, happens. It takes decades to master a Type of magic, and some mages (any magic user, human, dragon person, whatever) spend their whole lives perfecting one spell. A person can use their mental conviction to create any of these energy forms by channeling the Ether (Breaking the law of Conservation- Something from Nothing). However, then I realized a key problem: Could I make this a logically consistent system? While its more difficult to tell whether a soft magic system is rational, I suspect Game of Thrones is using a rational magic system. One world I thought of involves magic based around Life, Metal (mostly magical machinery), Water, Mind, Soil, and Dragons (the rarest), and many in-universe cultures consider these natural divisions, but I suspect Chris Winkle would consider this system non-rational. Lets say magic is generated by the vibration of continental plates, and each continental plate vibrates at its own frequency, creating different effects. Now, its VERY early days for me with this thing, but Im wondering: The value of the memory is determined by how much it affects the mage, and whether its repeatable or replaceable after the original is given up. Use attributes or abilities you would connect with angels or demons and make them sub-types of the magic in question. What did you think alchemy was? I originally wanted a free form system where just about anything was possible. Their powers go far beyond what has ever been shown before and theres no repercussions for them. A guarded merchant named Willip seeks a company of . Basically the spirits want more knowledge of the human world, to experience it through human eyes. In both these cases, its their clever problem-solving that saves them, not the power of the magic itself. So then, my idea was that even though minds were separate from bodies, they were normally closely tied so they could interact, which was why telepathy and telekinesis had things such as limits based on physical distance. However, while I do hope to write something that others enjoy, it is also for myself, and I like thinking about things and would not want to write something logically impossible. They could solve all problems with a snap of their fingers. From the other side, putting lot of fire energy into single point will produce real fire, moving air energies will make air blows. If I get this right, magic workers are using pieces of the infrastructure built to support their world for magic instead, at which time it is no longer helping to sustain the world, and by putting these pieces back in place, the protagonist is strengthening that infrastructure. Life is responsible for, well, life and health. I would suggest that you make it so your gods just randomly interact with the world. Occult Network-- The magic Internet. Be hugely important In politics. I really need a new name for the holy magic. Dragon breeds or races (this is with Borne magic): Interesting perspective on the Harry Potter magical system. Magic should be limited when its used by humans or other mortal beings as opposed to being used by divine or other immortal beings. Of course, there had to be some in-world lore and stuff to go with the system, but the system / idea in a nutshell, The idea, when broken down is comprised of: Feats of telekinesis should leave your characters a little exhausted the more energy needed, the higher the exhaustion. Four Ways to Limit Magic & Technology Those limits are important! The flavor might be of magic based on communication with spirits, although these spirits do have to obey at least some physical laws. The key traits of a hard magic system are outlined in the graphic below. The latter, sorcerers, actually do not have magic ability. (Known collectively as the Nasuverse after their writer, Kinoko Nasu) Namely, by this articles definition of rational magic, would the magic in the Nasuverse count as an example of a rational magic system? The magic system in my current work-in-progress, Lady Legacy, serves as an allegory for ambition and the dangerous pursuit of glory, with magic exacting a heavy emotional toll on the user. To craft your framework, just answer these questions. If they need to rely on chanted rituals, they cant do something in a few seconds and they cant start a ritual while the enemy is looking for them, because the voice would lead the enemy to the hiding spot. Worldbuilding, Avatar, Magic, Magic Systems. The biggest limitation is the training. It is pretty lose, yea, but it is still there and we have seen magic systems like this a thousand times. Use this guide as best fits your approach to magic. (For example, no effects that cover too large an area or are too far from the caster or use too much energy). And the Aether is born from our Thoughts and Actions, more specifically, our Souls. The magic of Avatar feels like the natural result of a different set of physics, whereas the magic of Harry Potter feels like the arbitrary inventions of an author. a creative air bender could do a lot with access to elite skills. This ancient Wise One observed the natures tendency towards self-balancing and saw it as an Eternal Law. And I did read the other piece about magic but my system sounded alot simpler in head head so I didnt think it applied as much. 3. In some magic systems, gods or other powerful beings are the source of all magic. As far as the potions issue, again, these are based off historical ideas about magic and potions. Look at the fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore in the fifth book/movie the one in the Ministry of Magic. He exerts his own living will in opposition against the tendency towards balance. Players cast spells by arranging corresponding runes in different configurations to express the Spells intention, With the Runes inter-playing off each other in a Rock/Paper/Scissor manner. If they need to gather energy beforehand, they cant just build a wall of ice without any preparation (which limits their powers). Kristen now works as a creative wellness coach and offers new resources through her personal website at In a rational system, their powers would have come from somewhere and they would have been close to or even broken through their limit, which would have consequences. The four elements are chemical states: solid (earth), liquid (water), gas (air), and plasma (fire). Do you want to bring in some elemental control? Do you need sage, or can you use oak leaves instead?

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